thinking about what it is that I want to see

Playing around with this AI bot helps me to formulate what I actually want to see.
Which is how I used to work. I had an idea and then tried to build something that would look, through my camera lens, more or less like the idea I had formed in my head. 

The last couple if years I forgot to work this way, letting myself be seduced by the material I had, or found.

Not that I never did that before, but it had always served some “higer” purpose, everything I used was used in the framework of my overall ideas.
My being stuck in my art has in part to do with the fact that I forgot what I wanted to see, meyself, and show, to others. Then it is easy to get “seduced” by some funky looking material, instead of being inspired by it to use as a tool to enhance my idea ….
What I want to say is that I notice how hard to find it to formulate ideas of what I want to see and how that brought to the surface what I knew without knowing, that my loosing my creative drive had a lot to do with forgetting what I wanted to see …. It´s incredibly hard to go deeper, concentration is something I struggeled with all my life and forcing myself to go deeper without being distracted by social media, or shopping, or doing some “to do” from an endless list, is really hard. And mostly: worth it. 

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